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Register today for free. Join the Withoutabox community to make a great first impression with festival programmers and judges. Upload HD videos up to 10GB for free including film screeners, bonus footage, and trailers. Withoutabox allows you to control who can view your uploaded videos.

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The best start here. Sundance, TIFF, SIFF and other world renowned festivals use Withoutabox as their first source to discover talented indie filmmakers. In fact, over half of the festivals on Withoutabox have celebrated 10+ years on the circuit. Each festival on Withoutabox is vetted for filmmaker value prior to going live for submissions.

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Post to IMDb and publish through Amazon Video Direct. Create IMDb title pages in just one step using existing information from your Withoutabox project and reach 250 million users. Make your film available through Amazon Video Direct in the U.S. and other locations—on all supported devices—Fire TV, phones, tablets, game consoles, Smart TVs and from the Web.

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What our independent film community has to say…

Community member

Withoutabox connects us to a diverse community of independent storytellers, helping us discover exciting new films and voices to present at our Sundance Film Festival each year.

Trevor Groth - Director of Programming for the Sundance Film Festival

Community member

Withoutabox has been a great partner with SIFF for more than a decade. We've been able to streamline our submission process and enhance our programming with the growing number of talented filmmakers submitting each year.

Beth Barrett - Director of Programming for the Seattle International Film Festival

Community member

Our short film Foxed! has now played at over 100 film festivals and received a deal to be made into a feature! Being able to manage all submissions through Withoutabox was a huge boost for us.

James Stewart - Director of


Register and upload your film or script today! In a few simple steps create one project page that can be submitted to festivals around the world.

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